File This Under the Criminalization of the Planet

Weird juxtapositoning this evening, I watched V for Vendetta (on BBC America, no less) finished, checked my email and there was this NPR story:

Is Lying On The Internet Illegal?

Seems the U.S. Justice Department has run out of laws to enforce and is in need of new ones.  This one could well result in a complete reversal of the incarceration rate in the U.S. – from 1% to 99%.

Got to love the Justice Department’s reaction to criticisms that this could become draconian, quick – we need it broad to protect national security, but, hey, trust us to use it properly.

By the way, scary as this is, if you get a chance to watch (rewatch) V for Vendetta, pay attention to the background news stories and bios of the characters, some of it is disturbingly contemporary – the Syria wars?


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