9% like these guys?

In a virtuous government . . . public offices are what they should be, [burdens] to those appointed to them, which it would be wrong to decline, though foreseen to bring with them intense labor, and great private loss.

Thomas Jefferson

Forget the debate about the intentof the the Constitution’s framers (by people who can’t properly identify any of them) – after a week reading, watching, and listening to a sort of repenting Jack Abramoff and a host of commentators wax poetic about the buying and selling of politicians; inane,

A Deep Dish Veggie

infuriating recriminations and self-holiness over the budget impasse; and the Congressional, lobbyist fueled announcement that pizza is now a vegetable,  it’s time to start to look at the worst fears of the Founding Fathers and see how close we’re getting to “the excesses of democracy”.

One thing is for sure, Jefferson’s vision of public service has long gone by the boards . .  . intense labor indeed.


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