Happy birthday to America’s greatest literary critic and the man who made Europe sit up and notice American poetry.


2 thoughts on “Poe

  1. one of my favorite poems from childhood. Poe’s poetry was a revelation when I was fourteen. Somber, dark, and beautiful use of English. The first poem I ever read to my firstborn child (when she was less than two) was Eldorado, another of his poems that rolls off the tongue.

    where did you find this great recording?


    • I started at a NPR story and followed about half a dozen links until I came across this on you tube (I think). Couldn’t resist posting it for his birthday – one of my favorite poems, as well – people have forgotten Poe made is mark as a poet first, then book critic, then short stories. Poe is important in my fiction, for my characters Poe is very much a part of their popular culture . . .


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