The Blizzard of ’78 and Strat-o-matic baseball

Great article in the Boston Sunday Globe on one of my, and (sigh of relief goes here) apparently many, many others’. secret pleasures – Strat-o-matic baseball.

The great blizzard ’78, Providence College, school cancelled for a week, no cable, no internet, can only shoot hoops so many hours a day, alcohol dwindling, snow ball fights getting old, my floor turned to Strat-o-matic.

We took the ’76 season, held an hours long, beer inspired hysterical draft, launched the season – we vowed to play 162 games non-stop through the next few days . . . and did just that.  Waking guys up at 4 am to play four games at Fenway, sleep deprivation-fueled trades and tirades, so tired we had to redo the stats a few hundred times (yes, we kept full stats – by hand!), it was a blast.

I had a pitching heavy team, on the third day I traded Jim Palmer for a six pack of Michelob – considering the then shortage, high praise indeed for Palmer (always thought I should have written and told him so).  A Hall of Famer for a six pack, only in college and only in Strat-o-matic.

We won the league without him, by the way, Jerry Koosman,  Andy Messersmith, John Denny, and a great relief corps did the trick. Always great when a trade works out across the board.


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