Sandusky, Prison, Sex Offenders at Play, in Therapy, at Work

With the Sandusky trial starting I thought this might be a good time to republish this little tidbit about his potential future.


I have refrained from comments concerning the Penn State fiasco (Syracuse, too, for that matter) in any forum for  many reasons.

I wish I could say I was waiting for due process to play out, the system to work and all that noble sounding, holier-than-thou-radio-call in-show constitutional stuff that would make me sound so much better than all those rushing to judgement on either side – ‘the rare voice of prudence, innocent until proven . . . . yada, yada, yada.’

I wish I could, but I can’t, my silence has been entirely selfish and for an unintellectual,  completely visceral reason – I was immersed in the midst of hundreds of sex offenders from casual child porn guys (‘skinners’) to an ex-(though he had to be constantly reminded) Catholic priest in on 293 counts of assault (‘ripper’) to kidnapper/murderers (‘WTF?’) for about 20 stomach churning, bile in the back of the throat months.  I still get…

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