Quick note on coverage of Aaron Hernandez’ arrest . . .

ImageQuick, disturbing note: driving this morning when the news hit about Aaron Hernandez’ arrest.  Through two sets of Boston based morning hosts and several ‘experts’ all of whom were wondering aloud – frequently – if we would discover the charges against him at his arraignment in the afternoon.

“Hopefully, we’ll know more at the arraignment.”

“Surely, at least, in the next few days.”

“They gotta tell us sometime, right?”

And more for over two hours.  Incredible, six on-air hosts, several producers, dozens of call-ins, at least two experts before, “Oh, hey, we will know the charges when he’s arraigned.

In light of the news over the past month – at least – it is deeply disturbing that anyone anywhere can even entertain the notion that someone can be arrested without charges already filed.

Maybe it’s Guantanamo, maybe it’s excess viewing of CSI Miami (for a primer on how to violate each and every provision in the Bill of Rights, they are the gold standard), maybe it’s just blind acceptance of authority  . . . but this level of ignorance of a simple, fundamental Constitutional right is just plain scary.  It seems a small step from this to a rebirth of the good old days of “the law” doing whatever they want to effectuate a result – think Sheriff Hank Quinlan in Touch of Evil or most of the LAPD in L.A. Confidential.



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