McCain Speaks Out!

john_mccain240Last week, a bitter, frustrated, angry John McCain (is that redundant?) could finally take no more and snapped about the :

No-class act by a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats! “The[y] are idiots”

There are, of course, any number of overpaid, arrogant, immature brats in McCain’s immediate universe and the sentiment applies so well to all so many of those in the news these last few weeks . . .

. . . . yet despite all the places it could have gone, McCain’s wrath was expended on a more worthy adversary than the Tea Party, Congress, Obama, Democrats, the GOP, Harry Reid combined – The Los Angeles Dodgers.chi-dodgers-diamondbacks-pool-celebration-2013-002

The Dodgers clinched the National League West Pennant last week in Arizona. Their clubhouse celebration exploded outward late in the night and a dozen or so Dodgers, including Cuban wunder-kid Yasiel Puig, made their way to the swimming pool in dead center field and dove in.

Apparently the pool was filled at the time with holy water for this act of desecration drove McCain over the edge.

Please understand, if McCain chooses to vent his spleen at a bunch of very happy, fairly drunk twenty-something baseball players rather than the fully grown adults sitting all around him all day that should, normally, be his business and who cares.

Normally. But here’s what disturbs me about the Senator’s outburst – lack of context: On June 11th the Diamondbacks were in first place, 7.5 games in front of the last place,  eight games below .500  Dodgers. The Dodgers were the laughing stock and object lesson of baseball -flamboyant over-spending underachievers…..

…. up 2-0 in the bottom of the fourth behind their ace, Ian Kennedy, the Diamondbacks looked about to add another nail to the Dodgers very ornate coffin. Then Kennedy hit the Dodger’s prized rookie, Yaseil Puig, in the face. . .  the Dodgers immediately tied the score….

… 2-2, bottom of the seventh and,

That’s Zach Greinke, one of the best pitchers in the National League Kennedy headhunted, with predictable results.

The Dodgers won that game, went 45-15 over the next two months, buried the Diamondbacks and the rest of the West on the way to the playoffs this week, Arizona finished 11 games out.

McCain took no note of this in his little diatribe. Nor did he note that the Dodgers didn’t go pool diving until well after the crowd and done-for-the-year Diamondbacks were long gone from the park.

This history is a little over three months old, McCain – a baseball fan – overlooked it and knee-jerk reacted to something immeasurably trivial compared to two 90 plus MPH fastballs to the head.

Coming from a man so vociferously pushing military intervention in Syria, Iran, etc., where history goes back just a little further than 3 months and issues are a little more intricate and convoluted than a beanball war,  I find this more than a little disconcerting on several levels – his surprise the Dodgers might be somewhat perturbed and resentful toward the Diamondbacks; overlooking the implicit moral – let sleeping dogs lie or you pretty much get what you deserve  . . . .

Almost as disconcerting as selling tickets to sit in a pool at a major league baseball game.


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