Lou Reed, the Patron Saint of Outsiders . . .

If  ‘Roy Orbison sang for the lonely’, Springsteen for the working man, Patti Smith for feminists of all stripes, Dylan for all of us at one time or another….

Lou Reed…… then Lou Reed wrote for everyone who was ever on the outside looking in, the geeks, nerds, freaks; the different, warped, strange, affected, gay, lesbian, weird, queer, abused, used, shunned, stunted, disfigured; the retarded, stoners, losers, eccentric, odd, misfits; the street people, loonies, whores, slobs, transvestites, transsexuals, trans-anything but normal . . . for anyone who wasn’t included.

Sometimes, by name, mostly anonymously, always with empathy … here’s hoping he’s flown into the sun and found new sensations….. thanks, Lou



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