A Never Ending War

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Some Gallant Lies

belgian land component

The Belgian Armhas a special, highly trained unit whose motto is ‘I Do Not Fear Dangers‘. The 63 men of the DOVO are experts with high-explosives, white-phosphorous, and chemical weapons. They racked up 2,000 sorties last year, collected 274 tons of munitions. 

The munitions they deal with are highly volatile, some are packed with white-phosphorous,  a substance that will spontaneously burn on contact with air; some are filled with a vile ale-like substance that causes instant vomiting. Not such a terrifying weapon until one realizes that one cannot keep one’s gas mask on while vomiting, once removed it’s the perfect time to release deadly gases. A goodly portion of the DOVO’s daily take are poison gas shells.

The Belgian government and the DOVO estimate that they have hundreds of millions of shells left to go – all buried in an area not much bigger than…

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