What Are the Hanlin Books About?

at the camp 1865I’ve been asked, at least 50 times and counting, this week  “what’s the Hanlin series about”. I do the quick, elevator speech – Civil War historical fiction that’s different – kind of a combination of Deadwood, Band of Brothers, and Scott Turow.  When I finish I end up explaining why Scott Turow is so much better than John Grisham and then my questioner hits me with “oh, yeah, like the Shaara guys, right? You know I saw Gettysburg ….” Well, no, then they would not be different. At all.

I was going to write a short essay on why William Hanlin’s story is different, then I realized that our refund policy is the best description of the books, so here it is:

If there is a problem with the quality of the book that does not include being upset with any of the following portrayals of Civil War America – profanity, sex, violence, sarcasm, black humor, racism in every form, obscene political motivation, criminality, authoritarianism, disloyalty, censorship, profiteering, terrorism, guerilla warfare -side by side with humanity and astonishing valor, we will happily (well, not really, we’ll pout, throw things and curse your name, but you won’t know any of that) refund the cost of the book with its return (in the dim hope we can get the printer to accept the blame).



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