Writing the Hanlin Novel(s)

I had the idea for the Hanlin novels years ago. Somewhere between lasting through Ted Turner’s Gettysburg (worst cameo in movie history, by the way) sitting riveted by the first 22 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, visiting Litchfield Connecticut’s town green, and …. Well, a few other influences …
I ended up writing it through 10 prisons in 5 states over four and one half years. In keeping with the theme, I managed to write myself out of prison to boot – a story for later . . .
I heard a couple of morons on the radio the other morning rhapsodizing on how peaceful and tranquil prison would be, what a chance to get things done. Idiots such as they should have that opportunity …
There’s no more restless,annoying, stressful, inane, intrusive,stultifying, insane place on earth in which to accomplish anything – as noted below:

My biggest fear – especially when it looked like my law suit was about to succeed? That I’d lose the damn laundry bag ….

The Ceremony of Innocence is now available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.com

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