Slush Piles and Jailhouse Lawyers

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slushpileThere are a lot of myths – in and out of prison – about the ubiquitous ‘jailhouse’ or ‘prison’ lawyer. Those inmates that really do have all the time in the world to dedicate to a case and think outside the box. The ‘box’ here being reality.

Lawyers in prison are exceeded in number only by Navy SEALs – a troubling statistical anomaly hopefully attributable to the fact it’s nearly impossible to run a background in check on someone while imprisoned.  Once or twice the subsets cross over and the inmate with a decent commissary account can hire a genuine SEAL attorney.

Jailhouse lawyers, particularly in the Federal system, ply their trade in the law library ten hours a day. Men self-taught in the mechanics of the law with exactly the same chance of concisely stating a case as the proverbial infinite number of chimps sitting at an infinite number of…

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