A Quick Ad Before I Go Back to Ranting about Bullies …

A Signed Pre-release Edition of


  • The Falcon, Book Two of William Hanlin’s Civil War will be out shortly. From now until February 2nd, a special pre-release edition is available.
  • Each copy will be personalized & signed.The Falcon 1st take
  • Everyone who purchases an autographed copy will be able to download the Kindle version for free for a limited time in February. [You will be notified by email]
  • Everyone who downloads the Kindle edition and writes an Amazon verified purchaser review receives the next book of the Hanlin Series, A Widening Gyre, signed and delivered at no charge.
  • $19.95* plus $2,00 shipping, click on the cover above or the button below to order.
  • *The Falcon comes in at a solid hundred plus pages more than the Ceremony of Innocence, so it’s a couple dollars more. Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


OUR REFUND POLICY (also a fair description of the series).

If there is a problem with the quality of the book that does not include being upset with any of the following portrayals of Civil War America – profanity, sex, violence, sarcasm, black humor, racism in every form, obscene political motivation, criminality, authoritarianism, disloyalty, censorship, profiteering, terrorism, guerilla warfare side by side with humanity and astonishing valor – we will happily (well, not really, we’ll pout, throw things and curse your name, but you won’t know any of that) refund the cost of the book with its return (in the dim hope we can get the printer to accept the blame).



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