About Jared . . .


I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of speculation, baseless opinion, not so subtle hopes that Jared Fogle get the full prison experience, and many,many really bad memes about Fogle’s prison fate.

None of them are remotely close to Jared’s impending reality. So, sorry everyone who took the time and effort to post all over social media the fervent hope that Jared get gang nine-inched by the general population or be tossed in solitary until he losses all semblance of sanity – he’s going to be as comfortable as one can in prison for the next x number of years.

Jared doesn’t need to share the fears of the Office Space crew …

… because Jared pled out in federal court and he’ll be going to a Federal Medical Center for ‘therapy’. As long as he attends classes, he’ll be awash in commissary and perfectly safe from the non-sex crime inmates. He’ll be safe because it’s made clear to every other inmate in the place, most there for medical procedures or to work, that anyone touching a sex offender will be on a bus touring every federal facility in the country before the body hits the ground.

Physically, he’ll be safe, mentally, he’ll be in heaven. No hiding his proclivities, no operating in the shadows, he’ll be surrounded by like-minded men, engaging in banter he could only have dreamed of before.

He’ll lose his freedom, lose the ability to go where he wants, spend his money, travel . . . what he won’t lose is his celebrity status.

It’s not anywhere near what the people want for Jared, but, at the very least young girls will be safe from him. Maybe that’s enough,


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