Musical Notes From a Long Saturday Run

Getting ready for a half marathon in October and went out on 9 mile run this morning on the Farmington Canal Bike Trail  … A big difference from my usual run-alone-in-the-woods route. The run wasn’t only a test image of conditioning, it was also a test of my musical selections. Some observations:

  1. REM’s End of the World and Warren Zevon’s cover of Knockin’ on Heavens Door are both definitely off the list, for obvious reasons.
  2. To the guy wearing a speedo and riding a bike – some things cannot be unseen, this is one of them.
  3. Dousing oneself in cheap aftershave then going on a bike ride amongst dozens of innocent runners, bikers, and hikers is, indeed – I looked it up – a war crime.
  4. Marilyn Manson’s Killing Strangers definitely stays in the rotation (see 2 & 3 above).
  5. If your child is under age 10, she doesn’t handle a bike anywhere near as well as you think she does.
  6. FREE BRADY  t-shirts were inaccurate the day they were printed, now they’re just passé.
  7. The good thing about having a titanium hip is that only one hip hurts, but I direct you to the Gary Larson cartoon.
  8. Moby stays, Eminem is out – no need for images of spousal abuse or tossing up Mom’s spaghetti.
  9. When you have a pug on a leash and he still manages to come within a cute little ear of unseating a bike rider and tripping two runners, the explanation, “Sometimes I just can’t control him” doesn’t work . . . Because he’s a PUG!
  10. Arcade Fire – though I love them – is out, too much suburban sprawl angst; Iggy Pop ain’t going nowhere; I’m Gonna Run Until I Puke and Die and anything else approaching it’s-better-to-die-trying-than-not-make-it are out. All instrumentals – Ministry, Nick Cave, a few others – definitely stay; stuff from movie soundtracks from movies that had bad endings for its characters are out, so, sorry Dropkick Murphys.
  11. Last mile and a half, at a busy intersection (for this run, anyway) a – I kid not – Hell’s Angel stopped to let me cross. Thinking I still have street cred, though for that story we’ll have to wait for the book.

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