Writer, consultant, lawyer, white-collar defendant; Federal inmate, survivor of 10 prisons in 5 states over 4 1/2 years; Won freedom through a law suit (s) done on my own (with gentle nudges from the federal judge)  … survived through innate ability to to shoot a basketball and experiences of 16 years of First Division Rugby … Still breathing and reasonably sane after exceeding CDC limits for contact with judges and lawyers over a ten year span.

I believe the following:


Soccer is a great sport to play but too cynical to watch;

Except for ...

Except for …

Fair & Balanced news is not news; Reality TV isn’t; Eyes Wide Shut was not a documentary; Pope Francis is one liberal decision from eating some bad clams; If Rocky is a musical, Red Dawn is not far behind;

The Red Dawn Chorus Line

The Red Dawn Chorus Line

vlcsnap3113151zy8Oswald acted alone – but Sirhan Sirhan did not; Catch-22 is the funniest tragic book every written; dick-vitale1Congress has been worse, just noticed less; The Simpsons was the best written comedy of the 20th Century; DIck Vitale is responsible for  the decline of outside shooting;

Sacco was innocent, Vanzetti was guilty; No one will ever be able to explain the Roger Moore 007 era; Prison in the U.S. is industrialized; If A-Rod’s putting up decent numbers in 2015, Barry Bonds would rake it; Armistice Day should still be observed; The Higgs Boson lasts longer than my interest in British Royalty;

Only Bobby Could Fly

Not only was Bobby Orr was the greatest hockey player, he was the only one who could fly.


Richard III had a bad publicist; Anton Scalia is the gift from Reagan that keeps on giving; You do not bunt with a man on second and no one out – ever; Bloom County was genius; Bike shorts should be worn by a very select few; Gabba, Gabba, Hey!;


It wasn’t Buckner’s fault, Stanley wasn’t covering first

Keyser Soze lives; I mourn the loss of sandlot baseball; Empire of the Sun was Spielberg’s best; Toad the Wet Sprocket andicp_pop_web Insane Clown Posse are great band names;  There’s nothing like the Stanley Cup Playoffs; Justice has long been woodrow-wilson-1856-1925-president-everettabsent in our Justice System; Woodrow Wilson was the worst effective President; I’d rather have an ineffective President than a terrible but effective one; The NBA is awful; Roy Orbison really did sing for the lonely; “No one loves nobody”; I’m sorry I never saw a Negro League game; I’m sorry there had to be a Negro League; Absent dysentery and .577 bullets Civil War Re-enactors are wasting their – and my – time; Jay Gatsby wasn’t great; Disco may be your semi-cool retro but it remains my recurring nightmare; “time brings beauty to a battlefield”;

Tina & Amy have joined the Veronica-Betty, Wilma-Betty; Ginger-Maryann, debate;

Tina & Amy have joined the Veronica-Betty, Wilma-Betty; Ginger-Maryann, debate;

Veronica, Betty, Maryann, Tina; South Park is still funny, Family Guy tries too hard; John Grisham and Dean Koontz write great first 150 pages . . .ted then pffft; Ted Williams was the greatest hitter, Babe Ruth the greatest player; Neil Stephenson is a more accessible, funnier, Thomas Pynchon; AND . . .

“the past isn’t dead, it isn’t even past”.


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