‘Social Media Guy’, ‘writer’, ‘he’s sorta my marketer’ ….  A few others, all used to ‘sorta’ describe my work with attorneys.

Its good to be described in different ways, no one, especially (perhaps obviously) me, likes to be pigeonholed.

But, here’s what I think best describes what I do when playing well with others: create. That’s it, I work with lawyers to create. Content that people beside federal court clerks can not only read but enjoy. All to build a brand, an image, approachability, interest.

No ads, no gimmicks, no tricks, just original content that makes things relatable and entertaining; use popular culture to make points easily relatable to a practice and clients, peers, referrers. Illustrate it all with things that capture people’s attention if not imagination.

imageLook at it this way: if I told you you had to read 280 pages of a book – any book – to get a cursory understanding of DNA, cloning, and chaos theory would you rather read a scientific treatise or Jurassic Park?

To put it in lawyer terms, which would your clients imagerather read – Prosser On Torts or Grisham’s The King of Torts.

I work with attorneys to promote their abilities/knowledge, while identifying the ‘issues’ clients come with and the issues that may keep them from going to a lawyer when it can do the most good – up front, before things get hairy.

We write about it, without preachiness, or, worse, condescension, and then we maximize social media to get it out there.

We also make it personal. After all, most clients don’t chose a lawyer like they choose a heart surgeon: personality counts a lot more than technical prowess.

Really, it’s all about stories. Stories about you, clients, issues. Compelling, entertaining stories that hit home, mean something, get potential referral sources to refer, potential clients to sign up.

My clients have won awards for the writing, appeared in op-eds of major newspapers, radio and TV. They are … noticed.