Hanlin Series Books

 “Bruce Catton Meets Deadwood, Band of Brothers, Patrick O’Brian with a touch of John Grisham

new cover maybe almst definately

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Join the Hanlin family today – we are selling 500 signed copies of the critically acclaimed first two volumes of William Hanin’s Civil War. :The Ceremony of Innocence and The Falcon through our Ecwid store site.

Buy a signed copy [no shipping costs], get on our mailing list and receive a monthly newsletter with deleted scenes [okay, chapters]; a chance to review galleys of upcoming books for prizes; historical notes; vote on covers; Forlorn Hope T-shirts [coming soon];and a bunch  more. Get in on the ground floor of a great story and help Roland keep the series out of the clutches of traditional publishing!

We get no information from Amazon on who bought the books, have no way to communicate with those readers, though a few have sought us out (thank you).This way, you get signed copies of the books, and a chance to interact with us as this project moves forward. And we can let our readers know what’s going on. Pretty important stuff for a series of seven books.

It will also help, greatly, in moving the series along – much faster than if it goes the traditional route.The third book, The Widening Gyre is two-thirds typed, completely written, and about four weeks from being ‘finished. The fourth, The Blood Dimmed Tide, is half written and edited. The full novel in seven parts is outlined in depth, chapters, scenes, and long strings of dialogue have been written all the way through, including the ending.

So, please, get an autographed copy of the book or books and help get us to that ending- it’s a good one. And, if you’ve already bought or are buying, it would be amazing and greatly appreciated, if you could take a few moments out of your day and help promote the Hanlin series, Roland posts regularly on his blog and Facebook, (if you haven’t already, please follow and all that stuff). LinkedIn, etc, could use a quick recommendation/ share. If you know of book clubs, Civil War groups, etc., please ask them to try it … if they’re not in the middle of nowhere, Roland might just be available to talk to them.

If there is a problem with the quality of the book that does not include being upset with any of the following portrayals of Civil War America – profanity, sex, violence, sarcasm, black humor, racism in every form, obscene political motivation, criminality, authoritarianism, disloyalty, censorship, profiteering, terrorism, guerilla warfare side by side with humanity and astonishing valor – we will happily (well, not really, we’ll pout, throw things and curse your name, but you won’t know any of that) refund the cost of the book with its return (in the dim hope we can get the printer to accept the blame).

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